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Based in the UAE, we provide flexible services to cater to your needs. Whether you're looking for a direct service or outcome-based collaborations, our result-driven approach ensures you pay for real outcomes. We handle all campaign investments, eliminating any financial risks on your end. With our experienced team, expect unparalleled efficiency and a guarantee of results.
About us
ARM CRM is business to business. Our activity is aimed at the development of other businesses that we promote with the help of our solutions. These solutions, developed by Bitrix24, automate the business by moving day-to-day processes to a specific system. Automation is a necessity nowadays. this makes human labor more efficient and profitable. Many people fail because of haphazard work. Our task is not only to show what benefits a systematic business has, but also to help make it a reality. Systematized business, loyal customers, growing income ․ This is the key to ARM CRM success..
Our Mission
Make the organization's processes as comfortable and accessible as possible
Promote e-government
Make modern automation tools available
To promote the development of a literate business
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Advantages of the Bitrix24 portal
Bitrix24 is a set of five important and useful tools that help a business to work:
  • Helps to work together. A complete corporate company portal that unifies and simplifies communication within your company. The corporate portal contains everything you need to organize collaboration: chat, disk, calendar, groups, work reports, business processes and other tools.
  • In Bitrix24, tasks are set both for colleagues and for oneself. Change of responsible persons, change of dates are recorded in the task history. Counters help to remember the deadlines, and if the deadlines are violated, the manager will immediately receive a message about it.
  • CRM is a system for managing sales and customer communications. Not a single request from a client will go unnoticed CRM itself leads the client through the funnel: from cold contact to a successful deal.
  • Connect all kinds of communication channels: Telephony, Yandex-chat, VKontakte, Facebook, e-mail, your websites to Bitrix24. You will share the entire flow of calls among yourself in the Contact Center, and clients will continue to communicate wherever it is convenient for them.
  • Websites and landing pages should not be just beautiful, which are easy to create yourself and for free. The main task of the site is to bring clients. Websites in Bitrix24 are created to sell! It is easy to create an online store by yourself in a simple constructor. Every order, every customer contact will immediately appear in the CRM.